Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thought of the day

One word keeps popping into my head this week and it has everything to do with the way I motivate myself. I hear this word and I feel it makes a connection with me on a level unknown to most. The word is courage and it has been thrown out the door in the modern times. We have all been taught to be courageous in battle and to have courage under fire, but what about the everyday Joe Schmoe. What do we do to be courageous? Is it courageous to go to work, work hard and feed your family? Do you have to be a soldier to have courage? The answer is simple and two letters, N-O.
I hear this word in my head when times are tough, when times are stagnant, when things are slow and when things are fast. It reminds me that there are millions of people that would love to have the problem of going to work to feed their family. So many people lose sight of courage and forget that it is a guiding light to the things you want in life. It isn’t easy to open a business or raise kids or help others, these things take real courage. Reward and motivate yourself with this little word every day. Remember that what you are doing, whatever it is, is for a reason! Even if you hate your job and boss and have gone through some tough times, it has a purpose. The first step to having courage is finding what makes you tick. For me, it is my family; I work for them and live for them. It takes courage to work 17 hours a day to build something to hand to them if I pass away. I didn’t always know this, I was often times embarrassed that I didn’t spend more time with them. I thought that I was being selfish in the things I do for a living and in the end, I am fighting a fight that they cannot. Find what makes you tick, then be courageous enough to make it happen, today!

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