Monday, February 28, 2011

Entrepreneurs Lead the Way-HealthNation

Entrepreneurs lead the way in America, period. They have led us here to freedom, they have led the way to global economic power, they lead the way to new technologies, they lead the way to medical advancements and they will lead the way out of this recession. But never before have they “led the way” like Jim Prendergast, CEO of HealthNation out of Scottsdale, Arizona. HealthNation is, in many people’s opinion, leading the charge for 2011 with their revolutionary roll out of HealthNation Connect is a telemedicine program that uses everyday technology to eliminate the wasted time spent in the health care system while improving the quality of care.

Earlier this year HealthNation launched this program through a select group of professionals in the field with roaring applause. They also announced that they would partner with entrepreneurs around the nation and share in the profits of this new platform through their Health Advocate Program. On the day of their official launch they were in a panic to find enough chairs for all the attendees as more than 300 entrepreneurs came to learn about the opportunity and all those involved came away with more than education, they left with pinpoint focus. “Our focus is to improve the quality of life for every person they meet, period” said Prendergast.
Of course, quality of life means different things to different people. For some it means being able to spend more time with their family, for others it means being able to relax and unwind and for others it could mean simply having the time in the day to read a good book. This old saying has morphed and evolved over the years and has been tied to many things. At one point or another, quality of life was something that people associated with wealth, health, family, education and even time.

In the modern era, quality of life is vastly associated with technology. Inventions like the cell phone, the computers, the iPad and even social networks, were designed to help save time. “We all want more time to spend with our families. Our platform is designed to allow both members and Health Advocates alike that type of quality time” says Prendergast. “We are in the business of creating win/win situations for all” he goes on to say. The HealthNation model is one in which a person could use the plan themselves and partner with the company for a second income or a new career as a Health Advocate.

HealthNation is modernizing the health care field and for that we should all stand up and cheer. Health Advocates are most excited about the ways this contemporary company is making people’s lives more balanced.

The potential ripple effect of HealthNation is larger than most can actually comprehend at this juncture. This type of business, by itself, could put billions of dollars back in the hands of American families, businesses, doctors and even local governments. Last year Americans spent more than $60 billion dollars (one can only estimate the hours) in the emergency rooms of this great nation, over half could have been saved by telemedicine. That would be $30 billion dollars back in the hands of all of us. Common illnesses such as the flu can only be treated by emergency room personnel at certain times of the day and days of the week in the current model.
Regular doctor offices close at 5pm, leaving nothing more than the ER us to turn to when we get sick. This means most people have to take the day off of work or pay more money to use the ER. How much money would America make if our workers could finish a full day of work and see the doctor? How much money would Americans have with one more day of work, and pay every year? The numbers are staggering. HealthNation could potentially spark a miniature economic boom by solving issues like this.

People, like those involved with HealthNation, are the true patriots of this era because they are taking matters in their own hands. They are doing more than building a business, HealthNation is solving a national problem, creating businesses, providing income, generating tax dollars, saving lives and improving of our quality of life. HealthNation is very open about being a for-profit company for one reason, because entrepreneurs solve problems first and always lead the way.

Entrepreneurs Lead the Way-HealthNation

Entrepreneurs Lead the Way-HealthNation