Monday, August 31, 2009

Can Lightning Really Strike Twice?

The Power of an Idea

More than twenty years ago, a high school football coach from Georgia came up with an idea that radically transformed the life insurance industry and profoundly impacted the investment strategies of millions of people. At that time, nearly everyone owned some form of “whole life” insurance; a combination of life insurance and stable, but low-yielding, long-term investments. He understood the insurance companies were realizing incredible profits by investing all those premium dollars in more lucrative portfolios, while paying only a pittance to the policy holder. He started a business centered on the concept of helping people replace their expensive whole life policies with more affordable term insurance, thereby allowing them to invest the difference themselves.

The idea caught on and the rest, as they say, is history. His company became one of the world’s largest sellers of insurance and was eventually acquired by a major financial services company. In the process, thousands of his independent marketing partners made their fortunes by helping him spread his message.

IDA—Lightning’s Second Strike

And now, IDA is poised to duplicate this extraordinary story in the field of automobile insurance. IDA has created a program that will empower millions of Americans to save thousands of dollars on their car insurance premiums, allowing them to use those dollars in a way that could make a significant difference in their long-term financial picture. Additionally, the program lowers the risk of having to pay a collision deductible from already strained checking and savings accounts.

For nearly a century, insurance companies have been selling people on the idea of low deductible, high premium insurance. With the hectic and hurried lifestyles of Americans, little time is available to analyze insurance rates or to conduct cost-benefit analysis. The very real risk of possibly having inadequate coverage in the event of an accident has cause many Americans to buy into the low deductible, high premium insurance game, needlessly wasting hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. IDA is changing all that!

IDA has developed the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan™ (CDRP™), a program that allows consumers to raise their collision deductible to a higher amount, often saving as much as 40% on their overall automobile insurance premiums. The CDRP is helping Americans increase their cash flow and discretionary income at the same time!

A Big Opportunity

Here’s where things get really exciting. The typical American household spends substantial dollars for car insurance every month. With the CDRP, the potential savings for each family are real and attainable. So much so that significant commissions, overrides, and bonuses can be paid to IDA Associates, while simultaneously saving families hundreds of dollars every year.

IDA is looking for people who want to create a business of their own, people who can recognize a big opportunity when they see one, and people dedicated to helping Americans save money. IDA has created a system that allows ordinary people—who happen to have extraordinary dreams—become Independent IDA Associates and participate in the next great economic transformation. Our compensation structure offers dedicated people, just like you, a chance to finally make your dreams come true!


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Live Battle USA

Your mission starts now. Are you ready?
Prepare yourself for the most dynamic and engaging new live combat game in decades.

Imagine living a Hollywood spy thriller or "first-person-shooter" video game. LiveBattle puts you right into the action with "mission based" play. Every game is based on a scenario that could happen in real life - and requires problem-solving and teamwork as well as pinpoint aim and lightning-fast reflexes.

LiveBattle USA is the next generation of infrared-based combat simulation. For gamers familiar with "laser tag" and paintball, LiveBattle is a whole new experience. No messy paint. No toy guns. Real, military-grade equipment is used to create the ultimate in realism. In fact, the same guns used in LiveBattle are employed worldwide by law enforcement and military to train their personnel.

Safer than paintball - no bruises, no paint pellets
Enjoyable for families and corporate groups as well as hard-core gamers
Fun for both men and women, as well as kids of virtually any age
More realistic than any other simulation - real-time electronic feedback lets you know when you’ve made a "hit" or "kill"
At LiveBattle, we specialize in team building activities for Corporate Groups. Our list of satisfied clients range from Fortune 500 companies to locally operated businesses. Why? Because LiveBattle is gender and age neutral, and you don't need to be an athlete to play!

Our most popular Corporate Group events are:

The LiveBattle Challenge: This all-inclusive half-day event is very popular and brings excitement and fun to the workplace! Your group will enjoy exclusive use of the LiveBattle location, unlimited game time, tactics that enhance team-building skills and combat missions to implement the lessons. Our combat missions are ideal for building camaraderie, leadership, morale and team spirit.
The LiveBattle Team Building Program: If you are looking for fun and excitement of our combat missions, and have specific team building lessons for your staff, this is the program for you. Our experienced team will consult with you in advance, customize our missions to your specific needs and ensure your group gets a team-building experience second-to-none.
Regardless of the program you select, LiveBattle involves strategy and wits, and even the most skeptical will rave about the fun they had! We'll do all the work, you'll have all the fun!
Adam Blejski, President and Founder of BFC Ventures, LLC, announced to the public today that his company will be the exclusive distributor for “The Team Mouse”, a wireless mouse cleverly formed as a football helmet. BFC Ventures, LLC, plans to place the cutting edge mouse in every college university bookstore as well as every college merchandise online retailer by the end of August. Invictus, the original maker of “The Team Mouse”, currently owns the rights to close to sixty NCAA licenses and expects to double that number by early September to include additional NCAA licenses as well as AFC and NFC. Invictus is currently in progress of procuring licenses for PAC 10 “Top Dogs”, UCLA and USC. Bruins and Trojan fans should expect to see their personalized “The Team Mouse” at all retail locations both online and in-store just in time for college football season.

In addition to university bookstores and online retailers, BFC Ventures, LLC, opened its own online retail operations today. Blejski was quoted earlier today, stating, “We are thrilled to offer our products to college football enthusiasts and alumni at our online retail store Shop.TheTeamMouse.com. Our product serves THE FANS who day after day show their team spirit in the form of car decals, jerseys, flags and so forth. Now, fans will be able to show their loyalty at work or anywhere they use a mouse!"

The Team Mouse” is wireless and USB-compatible, so it works instantly. Not to mention, the mouse is compatible for use with both PC’s and MAC’s. Every mouse is personalized and properly licensed, so customers can rest assured that the team colors, logo and mascot are perfectly matched to that of the original. To view your college football team’s mouse, please visit Shop.TheTeamMouse.com. For additional information, please contact Ryan Dickie, VP of BFC Ventures, LLC, at ( 619 ) 851-6580 or by way of e-mail at Ryan@BFCVentures.com.

LMS Offers Use Of Their Loan Modification Software To Those in Need, For FREE!!!

Baltimore, Maryland- LMS, a loan modification fulfillment company that has saved thousands of homes from foreclosure, announced today that they ready to offer a free service to those in need. They have invented the most sophisticated software in the market and are now offering it to those in need at no cost.

“It is simple, we see the problem and want to do our best to provide a solution”, says LMS CEO Brent McDonald. The problem he is talking about is one that is plaguing this nation right now, money! McDonald also states, “Homeowners need help, period. They had 2 options before, they could put themselves in the hands of the banks and pray a change was made, or they could pay someone a couple thousand dollars to do it for them. We have changed that by lowering the entry point through our program to $495 for those that want a loan modification and are also offering as many as are needed free each week to those that need it the most.” This is a do it yourself platform, but they do offer a 24 hour hotline starting next week to help answer basic questions for those in need.

The software encompasses all the items that a homeowner would need to complete their application to get a loan modification and many more including a cost analysis that shows the bank how much money they save by helping the homeowner versus how much they lose by ignoring them. Offering this do it yourself loan modification program now makes it cheap for those that want help to get it and free for those that need help. With all the negative news out there about homeowners being ripped off and loan modification companies being closed down, this is a saving grace. “It puts the homeowner in a position to know that the job is done and done at their speed, because of the do it yourself aspects. It gives them the same playing field that the professionals have been using, only more” Says Michael Taylor Director of Business Development.